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widget-samping Brief History of Wagyu Beef

Wagyu cattles originate from Japan. It is the type of cattle breeded skillfully by methods such as beer feeding and giving regular massage to produce the world’s finest beef. The Wagyu’s natural tendency to develop fat within muscles (marbling), rather than around and between the muscles produces tender, marbled and low-cholesterol beef. Today, Japan has classified the Wagyu as a national treasure for its distinctive marbling feature.

About Wagyu Smith

Wagyu Smith’s is the leading and the first grill restaurant in Surabaya that specialises in serving wagyu beef. We are here to upgrade your dining experience with fantastically affordable prices. We have two stores located in Grand City Mall and Ciputra World Surabaya.

Specialising in premium quality Wagyu Beef, US Beef, AUS Beef, Pork & Lamb Ribs and BBQ Chicken, Wagyu Smith’s signature dishes are marinated in special basting sauces created by our Smith Chefs. These special ingredients make our flavours unique, delicious and very different from other traditional steakhouses. A Selection of sauces and side dishes are also complemented to provide the most perfect feast for everyone.

Wagyu Smith's also offers delicious burgers, fresh seafood, pastas, puff pizzas, sandwiches, soup & salads, tempting desserts and selections of drinks, both classic and contemporary. Our signature Smith’s Iced or Hot Chocolate is a must try!

Alive 7 nights of the week, Wagyu Smith's merges the seductive flavours and spicy scents of great food and drink with an exciting interior. We are commited to provide our valued customers with a memorable dining experience each time they visit our country style restaurants.

Our Passion

We have noticed that over the years food has become improvingly innovated. At Wagyu Smith’s, we love to create limitless and delicious new products weekly, monthly or on special occasions (Christmas, Valentine’s day, etc) – only everyone’s favourite, mostly simple and elegant. Check News and Events for our new or limited time only products.

The colourful shopping on Surabaya’s most exclusive promanades make Wagyu Smith's Grill Restaurants the perfect all-year round spot for brunch on Weekends or dinner any night of the week.

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