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BBQ Chicken Wings Rp. 32.000

Cheese Mushroom Canapes  Rp. 35.000 

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Rp. 25.000

Escargot Rp. 35.000

Fried Stuffed Mushroom Rp. 55.000

Garlic Bread (5) Rp. 15.000

Garlic Mushroom  Rp. 30.000

Nachos (6) Rp. 30.000

Onion Rings Rp. 25.000

Potato Wedges Rp. 25.000

Baked Potato Skins Rp. 37.000

Wagon Sampler Rp. 40.000

Mini Chicken Drumsticks Rp. 30.000


Creamy Mushroom Soup Rp.35.000                                     

Pumpkin Soup Rp.25.000

Chicken Cream Soup Rp 35.000                                            

Potato Soup Rp.25.000                     

French Onion Soup Rp. 37.000                                             

Goulash Soup Rp 35.000


Summertime Salad  Rp. 35.000


Grilled Chicken                                                              Rp.40.000

Grilled Beef                                                                    Rp.50.000

Grilled Prawn                                                                 Rp.55.000

Caesar Salad Rp.40.000

Extras :

Grilled Chicken                                                               Rp.45.000

Crispy Salmon                                                                 Rp.55.000

Chicken Schnitzel Salad Rp. 55.000

Shrimp ‘n Spinach Salad Rp. 55.000

Huzarensla  Salad  25.000

Famous Ribs

US Baby Back Ribs Rp. 250.000

Aus Spare Ribs Rp. 165.000

US Beef Ribs Rp. 125.000



Wagyu Tenderloin                                                          Rp. 375.000

Wagyu Ribeye                                                                 Rp. 325.000

Wagyu Sirloin                                                               Rp. 250.000                                    


Black Angus Sirloin                                                        Rp 195.000

Black Angus Ribeye                                                       Rp 238.000                      

Boneless Shortribs                                                          Rp 209.000                      

PRIME AUS MEAT (marbling texture)

Rib Eye                                                                            Rp.185.000

Sirloin                                                                              Rp.165.000


Tenderloin                                                                       Rp.199.000

Ribeye                                                                              Rp.135.000

Sirloin                                                                              Rp.125.000

Choices of Sides:

Baked Bean, Baked Potato, Chips, Creamed Spinach, Crispy Onion, Egg (scrambled or sunny side up), Mashed Potato, Mixed Vegetables, Paella Rice, Potato Rosti, Potato Wedges, Rice

Choices of Sauces:

Balsamic Sauce, Bordelaise (red wine) Sauce, Classic BBQ, Honey BBQ, Hot & Spicy BBQ, Lemon Butter, Mushroom Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Steak Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce


Baby Back Ribs Combo Rp. 165.000                                               

Spare Ribs Combo        Rp. 125.000

Beef Ribs Combo          Rp 109.000

Mixed Grill Rp. 125.000

Combination of US Beef Ribs, Grilled Sausage, Boneless Chicken Breast and Steak Cut basted in BBQ sauce, served with choice of side and sauce


Classic American

Half  Rp.65.000                                                               Quarter  Rp.45.000

Smith’s Grilled Chicken  Rp. 60.000

Cajun Chicken Steak Rp. 55.000

Crispy Chicken Teriyaki Rp. 55.000

Chicken Schnitzel Rp. 55.000


Grilled Fresh Salmon  Rp.120.000

Teriyaki Salmon Rp.125.000

Fish &Chips  Rp. 65.000

Crumbed King Prawn Rp. 55.000

Other Favourite Dishes

Tornado Wagyu Tenderloin Rp. 395.000

US Prime Rib Steak Rp. 255.000

Bratwurst Breakfast Rp. 95.000

American Pancakes Breakfast Rp. 45.000

Sausage & Mashed Rp. 58.000

Triple Lamb Chop Rp. 125.000

Beef Mushroom Pie Rp. 55.000


Pasta Selections: Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Penne

Tomato-based sauce:                                                     

·         Marinara (Shrimp or Salmon) Rp.45.000                                              

·         Napoletana – herbed tomato sauce (Chicken or Shrimp) Rp 65.000

·         Amatriciana – onion, pork bacon, white wine and herbs Rp 67.000

·         Bolognese – rich meaty sauce Rp 65.000

·         Lasagna – layers of pasta and meat sauce, served with lasagna sauce Rp 55.000

Cream-based sauce:

·         Carbonara with smoked beef Rp.67.000

·         Creamed Salmon – diced salmon cooked in creamy white sauce Rp. 67.000

·         Panna e’Funghi – fresh cut mushroom cooked in white wine cream sauce Rp 46.000

·         Chicken Alfredo – marinated roast chicken and sundried tomatoes in creamy white sauce Rp 55.000

·         Smoked Beef Alfredo – diced smoked beef cooked in creamy white sauce Rp 60.000

Tomato&Cream-based sauce (NEW):

·         Gourmet – fresh mushrooms, onions, cocktail sausage, peas tossed in a tomato cream based sauce Rp 95.000

Primavera – spinach, mushroom, sundried tomato, olives, ricotta cheese in tomato sauce with a dash of cream Rp 68.000

Olive oil-based sauce:

·         Agli in Olio with Tuna - fresh pasta with olive oil, herbs, mushroom and tuna  Rp.52.000

Pesto pasta with smoked beef olive oil, pesto sauce and smoked beef Rp 65.000  


Sausage and Bacon Pizza Rp 105.000

Meatlover Pizza Rp 105.000

BBQ Chicken Pizza Rp 90.000

Salmon Pizza Rp 125.000

Seafood Pizza Rp 125.000

Tuna Rp 95.000


Ultimate Wagyu Bacon Burger Rp. 105.000

Extra egg Rp 5.000

Wagyu Burger Rp. 95.000

Extra egg Rp 5.000

Smith’s Famous Cheese Burger   Rp.75.000

“FISH  n CHIPS” Burger  Rp. 48.000

Parmesan Crusted Fish Burger Rp. 53.000

Wild Mushroom Chicken Burger   Rp.55.000


Tuna Sandwich Rp 55.000

Country Farmer’s Sandwich Rp 75.000

Smoked Ham Sandwich Rp 75.000

Smith’s Bacon & Egg Sandwich Rp 55.000

Chicken Run Sandwich Rp 60.000


Smoked Beef Fried Rice (best seller!) Rp 45.000

Tuna Fried Rice Rp 45.000

Grilled Beef Rice (2 tastes - Sweet or Hot) Rp 60.000

Chicken Katsu Teriyaki Rice Rp 45.000

Beef Yakiniku Rice Rp 75.000

Sweet Chilli Fish Rice Rp 35.000

Smith’s Desserts

Molten Chocolate Lava Rp.35.000

Crème Brulee Rp. 35.000

Pannacotta Rp 35.000

Smith’s Berry Crepes Rp 40.000

Crispy Waffles Rp. 30.000

Awesome Banana Strudel Rp 35.000

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