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Iced Coffee Blend

Smith Signature Blend 45

A rich blend of hazelnut and espresso with crunchy nuts sensation!

Mocha Blend 45

A creamy blend of espresso and chocolate, using only the best ingredients!

Mocha Caramel Blend 45

An iced mocha blend with caramel twist and coffee jelly

Hazelnut Caramel Coffee  45

A perfect blend of hazelnut, caramel and espresso with real crunchy nuts

Coffee Berry 45

Iced Chocolate Blend

Choco Mint 39.5

A chocolate blend with a freezing mint sensation

Chocolate Lover 39.5

Thick and creamy chocolate blend for the love of chocolate

Hazelnut Caramel Chocolate 39.5

A rich blend of hazelnut, caramel and chocolate with real crunchy nuts

Other Favourite Blend

Jamaica Oreo Crunch 45

An awesome drink that taste like chocolate oreo cake!

Green Tea Blend 35

Favourite ice blended green tea with a perfect aroma and taste

Taro Blend 35

Creamy purple iced blended taro that everyone will love!

Kahlua Frappuccino 42

Non-alcoholic Coffee Kahlua ice blended drink for the cool ones!

Baileys Frappuccino 45

Non-alcoholic Baileys-taste iced coffee blend. Must try!

Cappuccino Caramel Blend 39.5

A delicious blend of cappuccino and caramel topped with coffee jelly

Creamy Chocolate Cappuccino Blend 42

A fantastic blend of chocolate and cappuccino topped with real choco chips. Most favourite!

Iced Coffee & Iced Chocolate

Smith’s Iced Chocolate 39.5

Smith’s Iced Coffee 39.5

Iced Cappuccino 30

Iced Americano 25

Gelato Espresso 30

Avocado Coffee Float 35

Hot Coffee

Espresso Single 25

Espresso Double 30

Cafe Latte 30

Cappuccino 30

Americano 25

Mochaccino 35

Caramel Macchiato  35

Speciality Hot Cups

Smith’s Hot Chocolate 35

Hot Caramel Chocolate 35

Green Tea Latte 30

Taro Latte 30

Hot Vanilla 25

Hot Strawberry Vanilla 30

Healthy Fruit Blends

Kiwi Lychee Blend  35

Healthy and delicious, thats kiwi and lychee! Must try.

Green Heaven 35

A blend of pokcay and broccoli juice smoothened with sweet mango. Fresh and most nutritious!

Mint Mango Peach 35

A delicious blend of mango and peach with a cool mint sensation. The most refreshing drink you will ever taste!

Vitamin A Booster 35

Carrot, tomato, mango and peach. Vitamin A helps maintain healthy eyes and immune system.

Delicious Fruity Smoothies

Pink Banana Smoothie 37.5

A thick blend of banana and strawberries with vanilla scent

Mango Green Tea 39.5

A creamy blend of mango and green tea

Energy Lift 37.5

A blend of banana, mango, orange and vanilla

Strawberry Vanilla Cream 39.5

Smooth vanilla blend with strawberry twist

Mango Tango 35

A delicious and creamy mango smoothie

Kiwi Apple 39.5

A blend of kiwi, apple, fresh milk and vanilla twist

Fresh Juice

Smith’s Fruit Punch 30

Orange Juice 25

Tomato Juice 25

Watermelon Juice 25

Honeydew Juice 25

Strawberry Juice 25

Avocado Juice 29

Mango Juice – seasonal  29

Milk Shakes

Oreo Crunch 30

Rich Vanilla 30

Chocolate 30

Strawberry  30

Banana  30

Milk Tea Shake

Original Milk Tea 42

Taro Milk Tea 42

Japanese Matcha Green Tea 42

Cappuccino Milk Tea 42

Chocolate Milk Tea 42 


Regular Hot/Iced Tea (tall glass) 15

Hot Tea Cup 15

(English Breakfast, Jasmine Green tea, Earl grey, Peppermint, Camomile)            


Iced Flavoured Tea

Lemon Iced Tea 25

Peach Iced Tea 25

Mango Iced Tea 25

Apple Iced Tea 25

Melon Iced Tea 25

Nata de coco Lychee Iced Tea 27

Strawberry Iced Tea 25


Mojito Time 30

Sparkling drink with mint and lemon juice taste

Yellow Mellow 30

Fantastic blend of lychee, orange and soda water

Paradise Sunset 39.5

Layer of red grenadine, orange juice and vanilla ice cream

Red Kiss 45

Unique combination of lychee and red Fanta, topped with lychee fruit

Green Day 30

Fruity blend of melon and orange juice, with extra melon syrup

Tiramisu 30

Tiramisu-flavoured drink served in round ball glass, with a hint of rum taste

Smith’s Kahlua 35

Coffee Kahlua-flavoured sparkling drink with fresh cream and red cherry

Blue Hawaii 30

Most stylish drink with sweet apple taste

Melon Lime Splash 30

Green melon syrup and fresh lime juice splashed with chopped lime pulp

Soft Drinks

Soft Drink (Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite) 20

Mineral Water 11

Lemon Squash 25

Orange Squash 25

Soft Drink Floats 25

Beer & Wine

Beer Bintang Small 30

Beer Carlsberg 35

Corona 60

Red Wine (Merlot/Shiraz)

White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc)

By glass – 75

By bottle – 395

Corkage Fee – 75 per bottle




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